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Camilla Belle’s Push Spawns A Nude Spoof

Friday, April 23rd, 2010

Have you seen Camilla Belle‘s latest movie, Push?  It’s a sci-fi thriller about some super-powered kids on the run from some clandestine government agency.  Well, it finally got spoofed recently, with a nude pic of Camilla protecting herself from the cum-squirting dick of a guy from the movie, whom I assume is Chris Evans.  Now seeing a spoof on the net is quite normal these days, but it can spawn even more success for a film, as seen in the hit Snakes On A Plane.  Now that film had an insane amount of buzz, which amounted to free marketing for the movie.  Will it do the same for Push?  Well, since it already came out I think it’s too late to make it a hit even as a DVD-release.  But still, we applaud the effort, and it gives us a chance to see how Camilla Belle looks naked.  But it’s just a spoof you say?  Well that doesn’t mean the nude image is fake, because we’ve seen Camilla Belle naked before on this website.  Check it out and see how hot this brunette can be!